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June 05, 2024

Swiss center for laboratory medicine reduces peripheral blood smear analysis turnaround time by up to 57%

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Scopio enables ZLM to achieve fully digital remote workflows, accelerate diagnosis, and improve patient care.

  • 57%


    on site PBS review TAT at the core lab

  • 97%


    of remote TAT over manual microscopy

  • 50%


    in lab staff


Complete blood counts (CBC) requiring morphological examination are vital tests in the hematology laboratory
and essential to diagnosis and monitoring of disease. But these analyses are often a bottleneck in the lab. They are personnel- and expertise-intensive and require time-consuming manual microscopy and workflows.
The Center for Laboratory Medicine (ZLM) was looking for an automated digital solution that would make the process faster and more efficient at its six locations in Switzerland. They tested Scopio’s Full-Field digital morphology solution, and the results were transformative.

The Challenge

ZLM faces rising demand for its services alongside staffing shortages. Morphology analysis was a particular productivity drain.

  • Labor-intensive and slow manual workflows

  • Wasted time transporting slides

  • Lack of standardization

  • Time consuming referral validation

Meet ZLM

  • ZLM offers 24-hour medical
    laboratory service. It operates five additional satellite locations.

  • Provides service to:
    Public and private hospitals, Independent physicians
    University hospitals in Switzerland.

  • Its hematology department specializes in morphology, flow cytometry, hemostasis, and immunohematology.

Dr. Lukas Graf Head of Department of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology; Consultant Hematologist at ZLM

“At the spoke sites, we have less specialized personnel. They see difficult blood smears infrequently. We wanted to be able to standardize the quality of patient care and bring morphology in every lab in our system to the same level.”

Joyce Richardson, Lead Biomedical Scientist for Morphology and Immunohematology, Division of Hematology at ZLM

“With full-field morphology, our experts and hematologists can perform analysis, then write and validate a report on a PBS scan without reverting back to the manual microscope.”

The Solution

The Solution:

ZLM underwent a rigorous evaluation of Scopio’s full-field high resolution imaging and built-in AI-driven decision
support system to determine whether the Scopio platform could partially or fully replace manual microscopy and provide a more efficient, consistent, and remote-accessible method for PBS analysis.

ZLM has to date deployed one X100HT at the central lab and three X100 devices at its satellite locations.
Full-Field images can now be reviewed digitally from anywhere, immediately. Reviewers can access complete information and thus don’t have to return to the microscope before making a report for clinicians.


Clinical Full-Field images for early detection and diagnoses

Full-field image of PCL:
This is a snap from a full-field image. You can see plasma cells that are not normally in a peripheral blood smear.

Single-cell view of PCL:
You can see what the differential looks like and that the patient has more than 20% plasma cells, so this is a plasma cell leukemia

  • On site and remote TAT

    Full-field digital cell morphology review of peripheral blood smears showed a 57% improvement in St. Gallen’s core lab and a 97% Improvement in the satellite labs over manual light microscopy.

  • Remote review

    With Scopio installed, the lab shares the full-field image digitally, so the consulting expert has the full field of view, providing all the information needed to immediately and confidently report without returning to the lab to view the physical slide.

  • Greater lab staff productivity

    Prior to the implementation of Scopio, ZLM needed two members of the team dedicated to the DIFF workstation daily. Following implementation and once the new system was fully operational within the lab workflow, just one biomedical lab scientist is required.

  • Workflow Standardization

    Scopio technology has enabled ZLM to standardize both its morphology workflow and service levels for clinicians and patients. They now see less inter-variability across labs and faster diagnoses, especially at satellite locations.

Dr. Lukas Graf Head of Department of Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology; Consultant Hematologist at ZLM

“ The excellent performance of the Scopio system has completely transformed our method of blood morphology beyond our expectations - not just in our main lab, but also across all our sites. It has enabled our hematologists to work fully remotely from anywhere around the world in real time. It has accelerated diagnosis and treatment and improved the quality of our patient care.”

Joyce Richardson, Lead Biomedical Scientist for Morphology and Immunohematology, Division of Hematology at ZLM

“With Scopio, I have the complete picture, and that’s what makes it different from other systems. With a full-field review, our experts and hematologists can fully write and completely validate a report on a referred blood sample without ever reverting back to the manual microscope.”