Case Study

More samples, faster results, better treatment plans

Get a five-minute look at how digital cytology works in the clinical setting and how it has improved the lives of staff, patients and clients at Perry Hall Animal Hospital.


Yes, digital cytology technology pays for itself

Digital cytology not only improves workflows, compliance and outcomes, it also improves clinical profitability. Get the clear business case for digital cytology in this comprehensive eBook.


An insider's look at the cytologic diagnosis of lymphoma

Every clinician can benefit from this overview of the techniques, best practices, and pitfalls to avoid for accurate and efficient cytologic diagnosis of LSA.


Bringing Digital Cytology Into Your Clinic

Adoption of digital cytology is moving fast. If you’re looking to speed treatment and help your practice reach its full potential, this is your guide.
Featured Case

Should we ever rely on a CBC alone?

Especially in emergency care and complex presentations, CBC results combined with a pathology review of a peripheral blood smear is the hematology gold standard. Should it be the norm at point of care?


What every DVM need to know about peripheral blood smears

Here’s the latest thinking on the limitations of CBC data in veterinary medicine and tips for increasing the diagnostic yield of hematology at the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical stages.

Featured Case

Digital cytology case studies of the week

These case studies show how digital cytology is helping real-world practitioners make pivotal decisions for their patients and clients every day.


ScopioVet Webinar Jan 2021 with Natalie Marks

Veterinary practices face many priorities as they strive to deliver quality care and meet client expectations. Hear how Digital Cytology can help practices meet those goals.

Digital Cytology Overview

ScopioVet's Digital Cytology System: How It Works

A detailed walk through of the ScopioVet digital cytology system.

Case Study

Dr. Natalie Marks, Blum Hospital

Dr. Natale Marks discusses the patient benefits of same-day diagnostic bloodwork results with ScopioVet.


Lymphoma in Companion Animals: The Diagnostic and Prognostic Revolution

In conjunction with the Veterinary Pathology Group, this webinar with Dr. Andrew Torrance and Dr. Tom Cave discuss how advanced digital cytology has brought about a revolution in the diagnosis and prognosis of lymphoma.