Smart AI for smarter healthcare.

Scopio leverages AI to analyze vast numbers of cells, unlocking the true potential of blood cell morphology.

Breaking the barriers of human capabilities.

Visual cell morphology analysis is still a manual, tedious task which requires expertise and is limited by the number of cells a human can routinely analyze through a microscope.

Scopio’s diagnostic solutions use the power of AI to count and analyze not hundreds, but thousands to millions of cells.

A new level of standardization and confidence.

Scopio’s AI-based Decision Support System (DSS) for the Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application gives laboratory professionals a highly efficient way to conduct consistent and efficient WBC differentials, RBC blood morphology, and platelet estimations.

Efficient results for improved patient care.

Powerful clinical-grade AI reduces turnaround time for PBS reviews by 60%, representing significant optimization of lab workflows and operational efficiencies.

Nothing lost. Everything gained.

The earlier you detect, the sooner they can start treatment.

Saves Time.

Scopio reduces TAT by 60% with time-saving digital case review and collaboration, an automated end-to-end workflow, and remote connectivity through your secure hospital network.

Saves Money.

Manual microscopy requires a significant investment of time and training, costly to a lab’s workflow and physicians’ ability to diagnose and treat patients quickly and with confidence. 

Saves Lives.

Analyzing thousands of cells within minutes enables early detection and diagnosis of blood related diseases and conditions such as cancers, anemia, viral infections and allergies.