The future of Hematology is 100X closer.

Scopio’s Full-Field cell morphology unlocks a world of new diagnostic possibilities, bringing hematology into the digital era through transformative workflow tools and clinical applications supported by an AI-based decision support system.

Full-Field Cell Morphology.  Small Details. No Compromise.

Scopio has successfully broken the historical trade-off between field of view and resolution by harnessing revolutionary imaging technology. Combining this with AI-powered morphology analysis of cells at the highest sensitivity, Scopio Labs is opening new frontiers in hematology.

Never go back to the microscope

With the full-field digital image including all regions of interest, laboratory professionals can review cases at 100X resolution and never have to go back for a manual review. All in real-time, from any device, without the physical sample in hand.

Digital peripheral blood smear analysis.

Yes, we have that.

Enjoy an end to end digital workflow for peripheral blood smears with significantly greater speed, efficiency and consistency.

AI-powered digital bone marrow aspirate review.

A first of its kind.

Streamline a tedious and complicated process with Scopio’s unique AI-powered Full-Field BMA (FF-BMA) application to get a digitized BMA image including a Nucleated Differential Count (NDC), M:E ratio, megakaryocyte count, and a maturation and morphology assessment. All at 100X.

*FF-BMA available for Research use only.

Complete Blood Morphology

See everything. Analyze everything.

Scopio’s vision is to provide labs and clinicians with a new and revolutionary approach to blood testing. By automatically looking at orders of magnitude of more cells than a human can, Scopio is going to unlock the potential of blood cell morphology and revolutionary diagnostic testing. 

Complete Blood Morphology (CBM) is coming.


We are using our technology to empower experts to see things more clearly and find the best answers faster.

Itai Hayut,
CEO Scopio Labs

Be a part of the next discovery.

Scopio’s mission is to enable first-line early detection and diagnosis of hematological-based diseases and conditions such as cancers, anemia, and bleeding disorders, as well as bacterial and viral infections and allergies.

This is the promise of Full-Field digital cell morphology.

This is the safer, healthier future that Scopio is delivering to patients worldwide.