Full-field Imaging leaves nothing hidden.

See every cell and every detail, in one continuous scan. All at 100X. 

A completely different approach using Computational Photography.

A move away from the heavy lifting of accurate mechanics and expensive optics, Scopio’s breakthrough technology uses novel computational photography. We apply our unique real-time physics-based reconstruction model to compute a sharp, 100X resolution, full-field image of the blood sample.

Breaking the trade-off between resolution and field of view.

Traditionally, in manual microscopy you have to choose between a large field of view or high resolution. Attempts to digitize cell samples have always faced this frustrating tradeoff. Increasing resolution always meant compromising field of view.  Scopio’s innovative imaging technology gives you the big picture and the smallest details at the same time.

No sacrifice. No compromise.

Go beyond the single snapshot with zoom and pan at 100X


20X, 40X, all the way to 100X. Once the slide is digitized, you can zoom in and out at will.


Pan left and right to see everything there is to see, vital for fast and accurate clinical decision-making.

Explore a full-field scan on your screen now

Seeing is believing. So is zooming and panning for yourself.

Click below to experience a range of scans from Blood Smears and Bone Marrow Aspirates to Fine Needle Aspirations and even Tissue Biopsies.

Never go back to the microscope.

Now you can have the best of all worlds – the resolution and viewing flexibility of a manual microscope but with point-and-click, full-field panning and zooming, AI-powered decision support, digital reporting, and real-time remote access.

True remote cell morphology is
now a reality.

Offsite colleagues, hematopathologists and clinicians have the same browser-based access to the full-field digital image, annotations, and insights as anyone in the lab.  Review, collaborate or consult securely from anywhere in real-time.  

The power and potential of AI at scale.

After cracking the code of full-field digital imaging, the possibilities for using AI to further enhance human observation and diagnosis are unlimited. By automating the analysis of tens of thousands of cells, Scopio’s clinical-grade AI will enable dramatically earlier detection of cancers, infections, and diseases, and unlock a world of new diagnostic insights at the highest degree of sensitivity, and accuracy, the world has never seen before.

Now you can see the feathered edge from the edge of the world

With a full-field image in hand, any clinician anywhere can make a confident decision.