Scopio X100

Scopio X100HT

Two sizes. Infinite possibilities.

Revolutionize the way you see, work and diagnose with Scopio.

Scopio X100

From full-field peripheral blood smears to digital cytology, discover the first fully digital platform for small and medium labs that truly replaces the manual microscope.

FDA cleared. CE certified.

Built for

A quantum leap for digital cell morphology analysis. It’s breakthrough full-field imaging at the highest resolution possible.

Veterinarian approved

In a league of its own, Scopio’s point-of-care digital cytology platform means definitive diagnostics in an hour.

Scopio X100HT

Ideal for hematology labs with high throughput requirements, Scopio X100HT gives labs reliable and accelerated diagnostic capabilities.

Pending FDA approval.


Improved patient outcomes begin with full-field imaging

Full-Field Digital Cell Morphology analysis enables the detection and quantification of unique WBC and RBC morphologic alterations associated with MDS.


Full-field digital workflow reduces turnaround time by 60%

Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear (FF-PBS) Application reduces turnaround time for sample reviews by 60%, representing a significant optimization of lab workflows and operational efficiency.