Our Vision

Scopio is changing the standard of healthcare and revolutionizing first-line diagnostic testing by harnessing the power of computational photography and AI to image and analyze the morphology of cells at a scale that was never possible before, expediting access to life-saving treatments and improved patient outcomes.

Our Story

Scopio Labs was founded by two physicists and visionaries determined to push the boundaries of medicine and innovate in a way that would do some good in the world.

Early in their careers, Itai Hayut and Erez Na’aman dreamed of a collaboration. After witnessing medical practitioners in the hematology lab who still rely on analog, outdated, and labor-intensive practices using traditional microscopes and manual cell counts, they realized that with their backgrounds in physics, IT and medical device technology and the evolution of deep learning, they could use AI-powered analysis to bring microscopy and hematology into the digital age. All they needed was to find a scanner to digitize the slides, and the rest would fall into place.

But no such scanner existed, and so that’s where the Scopio story began.

The result is a series of innovations that brings high-quality data and advancements in deep learning to the practice of hematology, transforming the future of disease detection and diagnosis forever.


Itai Hayut

Co-Founder and CEO

Erez Na'aman

Co-Founder and CTO

Iris Getz


Amir Farhi

Chief Commercial Officer

Amy Meitus MD

Chief Product Officer

Oren Harel


Lianne Trantz

VP Marketing

Jordan Feder

VP Business Development

Tali Cohen