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Full-Field Cell Morphology

February 05, 2024

Scopio Labs: Bringing Full-Field Digital Cell Morphology to Hematology

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Scopio Labs is transforming the process of cell morphology analysis, offering a suite of fully digital diagnostic applications and platforms that drastically enhance clinical workflows and enable faster, earlier, and more accurate detection and diagnosis of disease, thus expediting patients’ access to life-saving treatments.

The company is pioneering full-field digital morphology solutions, solving the tradeoff between field-of-view and resolution to enable labs to assess and analyze cell morphology at unprecedented scale and depth. The company’s combination of high-resolution imaging and an AI-powered decision support system enables labs to make the diagnosis process more efficient and consistent across the continuum of care.

Scopio Labs has secured FDA clearance and CE approval for its Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application