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Full-Field Cell Morphology

June 30, 2024

ISLH 2024 Corporate Symposium: From Morphology to Morphometry – the Potential of Quantifying Morphological Parameters at Scale

Traditionally, hematologists have relied on their keen eye and expertise to assess blood smears under a microscope, a skill honed through years of practice. With advancements in technology, digitized full-field images of blood smears are now being used for more objective analysis, data sharing, remote workflow, and decision support using artificial intelligence.

Full-Field Matters: Dr. Ben Zion Katz will showcase the evolution from a digital solution based on individual cell images to Full-Field digital cell morphology at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TASMC) Hematology Lab. He will outline the clinical implications and share compelling results of the impact on the lab’s workflow from the multi-institutional TAT study. He will also share recent developments in AI-DSS for red blood cell morphology, highlighting the clinical significance of analyzing more than 10,000 RBCs per sample, as well as the impact of automated platelet clump detection on faster, more accurate decision-making in cases where accurate platelet information is vital.

From morphology to morphometry: What’s next? Dr. Katz will present the novel concept of “morphometry”, the groundbreaking ability to quantify morphological parameters at scale using Full-Field technology and AI. He will share the results from recent MDS and CAR-T cell therapy morphology research performed at TASMC, illustrating how accurate measurement of the morphological parameters could enhance diagnostic precision and yield new, morphology-based biomarkers.

Chair: Dr. Amy Meitus, Chief Product Officer, Scopio Labs

Speaker: Dr. Ben-Zion Katz, Ph. D., Director Hematology Laboratory, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel

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