Not just a better view of cells,
a bigger vision
of the future.

Revolutionize the way you see,
work and diagnose with Scopio.

Not just a better view of cells, a bigger vision of the future.

Introducing a revolution in digital cell morphology that will transform the way you see, work and diagnose.

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Improved patient outcomes begin with better diagnostics.

With full-field digital cell morphology, Scopio automates the analysis of tens of thousands of cells at a time – far more than any human can quantify, bringing dramatically earlier detection and diagnosis of cancers, infections, and other diseases, expediting patients’ access to better care and life-saving treatments.

Full-Field Imaging gives you everything at 100X.

See the scan in full context or zoom in on the smallest details all at an unprecedented resolution of 100X.

With Scopio’s full-field imaging, lab teams, hematopathologists and clinicians can now get the complete picture, vital for confident clinical decision-making.

Zoom in. Zoom out. Pan left and right.

Quickly and easily navigate all relevant areas of the scan. Scopio’s revolutionary digital imaging harnesses novel computational photography to capture the full field at 100X resolution without sacrificing anything.

No need to go back to the manual microscope.

While other digital morphology solutions offer single-cell snapshots, Scopio gives you all regions of interest. For example, the monolayer and the feathered edge of a peripheral blood smear. Carry out your review without having to leave the screen.

Remote connectivity through your secure hospital network.

Review, collaborate or consult as if the entire team is in the lab. Scopio provides offsite colleagues, hematopathologists and lab professionals secure access through their hospital’s network to the full-field image and AI results

Work in ways you’ve never worked before.

Scopio’s end-to-end workflow solutions bring cell morphology into the digital era with transformative tools and clinical applications supported by our decision support system. Accelerate the review process, improve team capacity, and create new workflow efficiencies like never before.

Scopio puts Peripheral Blood Smears front and center.

Full-Field Imaging for PBS

Perform a full differential on a peripheral blood smear without sacrificing the full field of view. All made possible using computational photography, with precision and speed.

Decision Support System for PBS

Conduct WBC differentials, RBC morphology evaluation, and platelet estimations more consistently and with 60% improvement in workflow efficiency.

Secure Remote Review for PBS

Regardless of location, experts have the same access to the full-field images and AI diff results as anyone physically in the lab. With seamless review, collaboration or consultation in real-time, Scopio is changing the standard of care.

AI enables a more confident diagnosis in hematology.

In hematology, confident decisions at digital speed have a direct impact on patient welfare. Real-time, synchronous collaboration, AI-supported decision-making, fully document­ed reporting, and repeatable results – every aspect of the hematology workflow contributes to better patient outcomes, clinical rigor, and quality of care.

Enabling research breakthroughs in Academia, Medicine and Pharma.

The next breakthrough is there – if you can see it clearly enough.  Scopio Labs’ full-field cell morphology unlocks a world of insights in diagnostics, therapeutics, and drug development.  It creates new opportunities for discovery in hematology research and innovation, and it improves patient satisfaction and treatment for a range of diagnoses, including blood cancers. 

Scopio supports the work you do, so you can do your best work.

Knowing is everything.  Not just to a doctor gathering information for a diagnosis, but to a patient waiting for answers and a path forward.  With a complete picture and full-field view of all areas of interest, along with our AI-based analysis, we don’t just improve the clinical journey, we unleash better diagnostics, earlier detection and unprecedented disease monitoring.  

Two sizes. Infinite possibilities.

Scopio X100

Discover the first fully digital platform for small and medium labs that truly replaces the manual microscope.

FDA cleared. CE marked.

Scopio X100HT

Ideal for hematology labs with high throughput requirements, Scopio X100HT gives labs reliable and accelerated diagnostic capabilities.

FDA cleared. CE marked.

New and Noteworthy

Scopio Labs Doubles Down on Digital Cell Morphology Go-To-Market Strategy in 2023

With recent appointment of Chief Commercial Officer Amir Farhi and global strategic partnerships, Scopio will be scaling up commercialization

Beckman Coulter and Scopio Labs Partner to Accelerate Adoption of Hematology Digital Cell Morphology Platform

Beckman Coulter, a global leader in clinical diagnostics, and Scopio Labs, a medtech company that develops AI-powered workflow solutions, announced today a worldwide partnership to accelerate adoption of Scopio’s next generation peripheral blood smear platforms.

Scopio Labs Awarded FDA Clearance for High Throughput Hematology Digital Cell Morphology Platform

Replacing Microscopes with Digitization, this is the company’s second FDA clearance, broadening its suite of fully digital platforms to cater to all lab sizes and networks

Scopio Labs Receives FDA Clearance for its AI-Powered Full Field PBS Application

The first-ever solution to enable digitization and analysis of Full Field Peripheral Blood Smears with Decision Support System (DSS) tailored to augment hematology diagnostics.

The New Kid on the Block

COVID-19 prompted this hospital to use Scopio Labs X100 digital slide imaging for bone marrow aspirates, cytology, and peripheral blood smears for research and training. Learn from their experience.



Veterinary Diagnostics:
Customers and Patients Reap Benefits of ScopioVet

From a patient perspective the platform speeds up diagnosis, decision making and initiation of treatment, whether that medical or surgery – a significant benefit to the patient and their family.