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Scopio Labs Launches Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear Application, Bringing End-to-End Digital Workflow to Hematology Labs to Transform Diagnostic Testing

TEL AVIV, Israel, Sept. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Scopio Labs, provider of the world’s first full-field digital cell morphology solution, announced today the commercial launch of its FDA-cleared and CE-approved Full-Field Peripheral Blood Smear (FF-PBS) Application on the X100 platform. The application’s commercialization is an important step in the company’s plan to transform hematology and introduce a new line of digital solutions for cell morphology analysis that enable earlier detection, diagnosis and treatment for improved patient outcomes.

Image of Scopio’s pioneering full-field digital imaging and deep cell morphology analysis of a Peripheral Blood Smear.

Scopio Labs’ FF-PBS application is the first end-to-end digital solution on the market that offers full-field imaging and an AI-powered Decision Support System (DSS) with true remote capabilities. This unique approach streamlines labs’ and clinicians’ workflows and optimizes the blood smear analysis process.

Scopio’s breakthrough imaging platform uses computational photography to provide unprecedented images of vast numbers of cells. Lab practitioners therefore have a full-field view of all regions of interest on the slide at 100X magnification, including the feathered edge. For lab teams and hematopathologists, this means they can see the scan in full context or can zoom in to the smallest details, both of which are vital for confident clinical decision-making.

The FF-PBS Application features adaptive monolayer identification for optimal analysis, supporting both short and long smears, WBC detection, pre-classification and quantification into 16 classes, red blood cell (RBC) morphology evaluation from 1000 Fields of View (FOVs), and automated platelet location and pre-estimation. The results of every assessment, including annotations and flagged abnormalities, are all documented in a standardized digital report that is easily shared across the continuum of care.

As demonstrated in recent research published in the International Journal of Hematology, using Scopio’s FF-PBS Application reduces turnaround time for sample reviews by 60%, representing a significant optimization of lab workflows and impact on their ability to deliver results and improved patient care.

“Surprisingly, the healthcare industry still depends on inefficient solutions for blood smear analysis having to choose between manual review on the microscope or solutions that only offer a partial view to base diagnoses on,” said Itai Hayut, CEO of Scopio Labs. “Our digital approach overcomes the tradeoff between resolution and field of view, allowing labs to analyze all relevant regions on a blood scan at an unprecedented resolution while maintaining full-field context – without necessitating manual counting. This gives labs and clinicians a complete picture for each case, which combined with our AI-driven decision support system ensures they can work more efficiently and never have to go back for a manual review of the sample.”

Scopio’s browser-based true remote solution enables offsite colleagues, hematopathologists and clinicians to review, collaborate or consult securely from anywhere. Regardless of location, clinicians have the same access to the full-field images and insights as anyone in the lab, alongside with complete annotations for traceability, and the ability to view any area of interest on a scan at 100X in real-time. The result is second-opinion referrals can happen instantly, and treatment can begin earlier and with greater confidence. Scopio’s technology has already been implemented at hospitals and labs in the US, Europe, and Israel.

About Scopio Labs

Scopio Labs, founded in 2015, develops breakthroughs in digital microscopy that help improve accuracy, efficiency and accessibility wherever the microscope plays a role in the diagnostic process. The Scopio microscope captures and digitizes full slide microscopy data. Using advanced computational photography techniques to reconstruct data, Scopio offers an automated digital microscopy scanning system with uniquely high resolution and quality images.

The company creates end-to-end solutions that provide AI-based decision support systems and remote collaboration tools in hematology, pathology, research and veterinary medicine. Scopio supports clinical applications while also powering innovation in areas such as academic research and drug discovery.

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