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Bringing digital pathology to more “ologies” will drive holistic patient care

Digital Pathology 12 Min Read
Lianne Trantz
By Lianne Trantz

When the medical field first began talking about digital pathology, everyone seemed to naturally gravitate to surgical pathology. But cytopathology, microbiology, and other “ologies” got left behind. So, while tissue pathology reached the digital age, hematopathology and, specifically, bone marrow test procedures, remained frustratingly analog.

That’s one reason the first digital decision support tool for bone marrow analysis is creating so much excitement among specialists. Bone marrow is the key to diagnosing certain cancers, such as leukemia and multiple myeloma, but samples are notoriously complex to analyze.

Scopio’s Full-Field Bone Marrow Aspirate™ Application is available for Research Use Only (RUO) in the US and is not yet approved for diagnostic procedures. In Europe, the FF-BMA Application is CE-marked for use with Scopio’s X100 and X100HT scanners.

Until now, standard bone marrow analysis was conducted manually via microscopic analysis of cells, with guidelines recommending review of at least 500 cells per sample. Scopio’s Full-Field imaging provides hematologists with a digital copy of the slide at 100X magnification while the AI-powered Decision Support System analyzes thousands of cells throughout the sample. Lab experts are then provided with a comprehensive analysis of various characteristics of the sample, including a 500-cell differential that represents the distribution of thousands of cells across the sample.

What’s more, it paves the way for a more integrated approach to healthcare. It enables a pathologist to look at a specimen and refer to the patient’s information in the hospital’s electronic health record without taking their eyes off the image. It allows specialists in surgical pathology and hematopathology, for example, to see the totality of what’s going on in their patients. And because digital files can be accessed remotely, those specialists can be in any location connected through the secure hospital network .

At the DPA Pathvisions Conference in October 2022, Scopio Chief Product Office, Dr. Amy Meitus, conducted a workshop alongside Dr. Michael Feldman from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania to discuss the benefits of going digital for bone marrow analysis and how it creates efficiency in routine workflow and collaboration between colleagues.

The workshop includes two cases where you can see how the pathologists get a consistent view of both the PBS and the bone marrow aspirate to make more informed and faster decisions, remotely when needed.

To learn more, watch the full workshop now.

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