Can better hematology technology improve access to healthcare?

Interview podcast with Erez Naaman – High Tech on the Low One of the key…
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Lianne Trantz
By Lianne Trantz

Interview podcast with Erez Naaman – High Tech on the Low

One of the key reasons why Scopio Labs’ technology is so important for society is its potential to improve access to healthcare. Traditional blood tests require highly trained personnel, making them inaccessible to many people, particularly in rural or underserved areas that lack expert personnel on-site. The Scopio solution, however, requires only a device that can scan the slides. Once scanned, analysis and diagnosis can take place anywhere in or out of the lab*. This means more people can get the medical care they need.

Moreover, the adoption of AI in medical diagnosis procedures will make people more likely to survive serious diseases or illnesses. With Scopio technology, doctors will be able to catch concerning issues sooner, which means that overall medical costs, both for the individual and healthcare provider, could be drastically cut as the potential to save lives increases.  As more and more healthcare providers recognize the benefits of using technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their diagnoses, Scopio Labs has positioned itself at the forefront of the trend and will play a key role in the future of medical care.

The potential impact of Scopio Labs on the medical industry is enormous. The accessibility and affordability of their technology means that more people, regardless of location or income, can access high-quality medical care. By using AI to improve workflow contributing to better medical diagnosis, the company will help healthcare professionals save lives and improve patient outcomes.

*Remote review is accessible only for authorized users via the hospital’s secure network.

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