The waiting game is over.
ScopioVet is a new digital microscopy platform for hematology and cytology samples, providing access to rapid diagnostic tools not available before.
Better for your patients.
Better for your business.

Introducing ScopioVet

Scan and send cytology and hematology cases and receive rapid interpretation from a global team of clinical pathologists, in around an hour. Apply world-class AI tools to streamline routine diagnostics and increase accuracy.

Remote ClinPath

• Scan and upload microscope slide samples (Peripheral Blood, Fine Needle Aspirates, Body Fluids)
• Receive timely answers, usually within the hour.

AI Tools

• Platelet Count Estimate

• More being added soon!


Why Digital Cytology?

Accurate answers, delivered on time. Allowing you to diagnose quickly and efficiently.

Initiate action on critical cases – 24/7
Facilitate faster treatment decisions
Capture more revenue
Communicate dynamically with clinical pathologists
Reduce administrative follow-up tasks
Improve in-clinic cytology and hematology skills

Featured Veterinary Cases Of The Week

See Scopio In Action

microscopic view

Case of the Week: Moxie

Case History A 1.5-year-old, F/S, mixed breed dog named Moxie was adopted from a rescue organization two weeks prior to presentation. One day ago, Moxie

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Microscopic view of cells

Case of the Week: Bear

Case History A 12-year-old, M/N, Rough Collie mix named Bear developed facial swelling 2-3 weeks prior to presentation. Owner suspected Bear had been stung by

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Case of the Week: Foxy

Case History Foxy, an 11-year-old, F/S Shar Pei presented for vomiting, decreased appetite, and distended abdomen with peritoneal effusion confirmed on AUS. Additional diagnostic testing

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ScopioVet, In A League Of Its Own

The first truly end-to-end solution for veterinary digital cytology with key features not available anywhere else.
ScopioVet Other Providers
100X High Resolution Images (leads to most conclusive results)  Check X
3 Slide Scan Capacity (scan 3 slides at once) Check X
Immediate Upload Of Scans For Review Check X
Unlimited Slide Uploads Per Case Check X
End-To-End System (HW, SW, Pathology, Support) Check X
AI Tools Check X

World-class AI: Now Available for Veterinary

We’ve built the first microscopy based AI models relevant to the veterinary workflow and we’re applying them across various focus areas to ensure each animal hospital can access all of the benefits of digital.

Scopio AI tools focus on three areas of performance:

What Digital Cytology Looks Like in Real Life

Check out Perry Hall Animal Hospital, an early adopter of Digital Cytology, getting solid results: quicker turnarounds, improved treatment plans and better outcomes for the business and patients!