Faster diagnosis is a vet's best friend.

ScopioVet is an all-in-one, digital cytology system that brings the power of clinical pathology to your practice. Get diagnostic reporting in under an hour, and start treatment the same day.

Optimal care starts with digital cytology.

Imagine a clinical pathologist by your side, 24/7.

Scan multiple slides. Receive answers in less than an hour.

Replacing manual microscopy and “send out” path reviews with point-of-care digital cytology offers a sustainable, cost effective way to speed diagnosis and drive practice growth.  

Peripheral Blood Smears

Fine Needle Aspirates

Body Fluids

 Your day with point-of-care digital cytology.

Submit a high quality image to a remote pathologist.

Receive same-day
answer for
continuation of care.

Recommend treatments
before your patient leaves the hospital.

The benefits of doing the diagnostics.

Know Sooner.

From lumps and bumps and body fluids to ear swabs, platelet counts and peripheral blood smears – clinical pathology reports in under an hour.

Know More.

Only ScopioVet combines 100x equivalent magnification with real time consultation from a boarded pathologist, 24x7x365.

Care Better.

AI-powered decision support tools automate routine diagnostic tests, so you stay focused on patient care.  

Is ScopioVet right for your practice?

Do you want better medical outcomes?

Do you want more accurate diagnoses?

Are you looking to improve staff productivity and job satisfaction?

Do you want to build superior client satisfaction and loyalty?

ScopioVet digital cytology system

Diagnostics in under an hour. No add to staff.

Scopio X100

FDA cleared. CE certified.

Case Studies

Case of the Week: Moxie

A 1.5 year-old, F/S, mixed breed dog named Moxie was adopted from a rescue organization two weeks prior to presentation. One day ago…

Case of the Week: Bear

A 12 year-old, M/N, Rough Collie mix named Bear developed facial swelling 2-3 weeks prior to presentation. Owner suspected Bear had been stung…

Case of the Week: Foxy

Foxy, an 11 year-old, F/S Shar Pei presented for vomiting, decreased appetite, and distended abdomen with peritoneal effusion confirmed on AUS…