Accelerating Research and Drug Development
Scopio Labs’ unique ability to scan and analyze thousands of cells from an individual sample, creates new and exciting opportunities for digital transformation and breakthrough discoveries in Hematology Research and Drug Development.

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Scopio’s Full Field Morphology (FFM) solutions unlock vast data from haematological samples. The ability to image and classify tens of thousands of cells and subcellular structures while isolating rare morphological occurrences in high sensitivity (1:10,000) is a breakthrough capability previously unavailable to the research and drug development community. Detecting abnormal cell morphology (FFM-Differential and FFM-Subcellular) can improve early discovery of disease, introduce better patient stratification, and improve disease monitoring and treatment adjustment for various blood cancers.

The FFM applications are based on Scopio’s unique computational photography imaging approach for full slide imaging and its proprietary AI solutions specifically tailored to the high resolution microscopy images.

We are excited to explore strategic partnerships with research institutions and pharmaceutical companies, to expand the use of our technology and AI capabilities to unlock insights in diagnostics and advanced novel therapeutics.

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