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Tele-hematology is the future. Here’s why.

Lianne Trantz
By Lianne Trantz

Tele-hematology is a burgeoning field, in part because the necessities spurred by the pandemic allowed fields like hematology to progress significantly and made remote workflows like tele-hematology an inevitable path forward. Remote view and analysis of scans provides experts with greater flexibility, allows for collaboration and consultation with experts around the world, and improves the overall efficiency of laboratory workflows.

Here’s a recap of a recent interview on the topic with Scopio CTO Erez Na’aman by Labiotech. For more information on remote capabilities in the hematology lab, [get this asset…].

What are you looking to address through your work?

Our goal at Scopio is to completely replace manual microscopy in hematology laboratories. This is both for the benefit of the patient and laboratory staff. There is a well-documented shortage of lab professionals and healthcare workers, and our systems will help automate certain processes that would otherwise require the attention of professionals.

This frees them up to work on higher-level tasks, improving efficiency and maximizing the abilities of the whole laboratory. Specifically, the remote capabilities of our system help labs become more flexible and productive, even when staff can’t be on site.

 How does Scopio Labs device eliminate the need for a manual microscope in the lab?

The Scopio Full-Field Cell Morphology platform is revolutionizing the hematology laboratory by providing a fully digital workflow solution for blood smear and bone marrow analysis*, with no need to ever go back to the manual microscope. The system uses proprietary computational photography to create a digital copy of the slide at 100X while keeping the full-field context intact.

Until now, there has been a trade-off between field of view and resolution, and Scopio is the first company to reconcile this struggle. The system allows users to zoom in or out, pan around the slide, and insert comments, eliminating the need to revert to the microscope to see specific details.

Additionally, the slide can be viewed in the lab or remotely over a secure hospital network, improving laboratory workflow efficiency. The AI-enabled Decision Support System analyzes and pre-classifies cells. All of these features, packaged in a user-friendly and intuitive application, eliminate the need for manual microscopy in hematology laboratories.

Can Scopio Labs‘ technology be used in industries beyond hematology?

Absolutely, Scopio’s technology can be of great value to any field where high-resolution information needs to be digitalized and analyzed. As a company, we are currently focused on hematology, but this is due to focus, not a technological limitation.

 What are the benefits to end patients?

There are myriad benefits to our solutions. First, our hematology technology enables patients to receive diagnoses quicker and initiate treatment earlier – particularly when they would otherwise be waiting for experts to come into the lab, such as on weekends. They also help build efficiency in hematology labs through fully digital and remote workflows. Additionally,  AI-enabled decision support helps instill confidence in clinical decision-making.

Overall, our systems help labs and healthcare systems improve their hematology analysis processes, taking it from a manual and time-consuming process, to one that is efficient, trustworthy, and easily shareable across labs. The excitement surrounding these platforms is encouraging and points to a real need in the industry. We continue to innovate and expand beyond the current limitations of laboratory diagnostics.

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Scopio’s Full Field-Peripheral Blood SmearTM Application is FDA-cleared and CE-marked for use with the Scopio X100 and X100HT high-resolution scanners in the U.S. and Europe.

The Scopio Full Field-Bone Marrow AspirateTM Application is CE-marked in Europe for use with the Scopio X100 and X100HT, and designated for research use only in the U.S.

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