Case of the Week: Lucy

Case of the Week: Lucy

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Case History

Lucy S., a 4-year-old F/S Labrador Retriever dog presents to Emergency Service with history of anorexia and lethargy of approximately 2-3 days duration. She was evaluated by the rDVM on Friday and abdominal ultrasound showed hepatomegaly, splenomegaly, and possible abdominal lymphadenomegaly. Lucy was admitted Friday afternoon for further evaluation and ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates of the liver, spleen, and an enlarged abdominal lymph node were performed. One slide from each site was submitted for review via Scopio.

Webcam images with user chosen scan area in green. Note dark blue cellular areas.

Cytologic Features

Interpretation: Large cell lymphoma.

Other interpretations that may be provided in this case: High grade lymphoma, lymphoblastic lymphoma, round cell neoplasia, hematopoietic neoplasia (lymphoid, myeloid, or erythroid – flow cytometry necessary to confirm lineage).

Clinical Follow Up: Due to deteriorating clinical condition, prognosis, and client financial constraints, Lucy was humanely euthanized.

Case of the Week patient information has been altered for client confidentiality.

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