Case of the Week: Biscuit

Case of the Week: Biscuit

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Case History

An 11-year old, M, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Biscuit presented for vomiting and lethargy for approximately 1-2 days. Fever of 103F that normalized following fluid therapy. Abnormalities noted on laboratory testing included CRP (C-reactive protein) of 132 (RI 0-15 mg/L) and moderate leukocytosis associated with a mature neutrophilia. During physical examination, palpation of one testicle caused pain. Ultrasound examination excluded testicular torsion, but enlargement of the epididymis on the left side. FNA of enlarged epididymis submitted for evaluation.

Scopio Practice Tip

This case demonstrates the necessity of 100x magnification with 100x resolution in digital scanning, a feature only accessible to veterinarians via the ScopioVet Digital Cytology System. On these slides, there is stain precipitate present, and bacteria are limited, but are readily discerned within neutrophils, indicating a septic epididymitis/orchitis and the necessity for antibiotic therapy.

This case also shows that scan area choice is important to submitters and there is no limit to the sample area scanned. In some cases, including the entire sample area for submission is preferred.

Microscopic Features

Degenerate neutrophil with phagocytosed material adjacent to large aggregate of stain precipitate. Neutrophil containing phagocytosed bacteria.

Resident cellularity including spermatocytes, spermatids, Sertoli cells, and spermatozoa.

Interpretation: Septic suppurative inflammation (orchitis, epididymitis).

Case follow up: Biscuit was neutered the same day, treated with antibiotics, improved clinically overnight, and was discharged to his family the next morning.

Case of the Week patient information has been altered for client confidentiality.

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